Real Estate


The key to a successful real estate investment is to identify the primary areas marked for growth.

When it comes to uncovering property opportunities, we use a robust and easily replicated process, which enhances the value of our clients’ investments. Through rigorous research we strive to understand what drives returns and we constantly track the movements of the market.

This helps us anticipate property pricing and generate superior growth.

Since it launched in December 1986, most of the return on the UK’s main benchmark of commercial property performance, the IPD All Properties Monthly Index, has come in the form of income.

Al Sana Group expects this trend to continue.

UK real estate, particularly prime assets with strong income streams in London, continues to attract a wide spectrum of international investors, while outside this sphere of interest there is also demand from a broad professional investor base so long as properties are priced realistically.


The scale of Al Sana Group’s business means it can invest across the real estate spectrum and offer investors a distinctive range of property portfolios.

Selecting the right assets is central to achieving dynamic investment performance. Therefore, we analyse every investment, taking into account location, local market conditions, physical condition and income quality.

Each investment is carefully monitored to ensure we continually add value, and we regularly appraise each property in our portfolio using active investment management to realise inherent value.

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