Our Projects


Al Sana Property Investments (ASPI) is a company that follows a set of the principles that are in complete harmony with our ethics.

ASPI’s mission is to create long term profitable investments for our investors through strategic asset growth and the capture of unique sustainable opportunities.


With growing numbers of full-time students, away from home or from outside the UK, there are more students seeking accommodation than ever before.

We identified that an increasing supply line of student accommodation is likely to continue.

Students Lets is a special vehicle designed to invests in this undersupplied market segment, yielding returns of 10% plus per annum. Students Lets benefits from economies of scale and our expert management, providing a reliable source of rental income and a solid long-term investment.


Having identified the boundless potential of Asia’s emerging hospitality sector, Hotels Asia SBD has secured a Tier 1 international hotel brand to franchise an underperforming asset.

With our collective experience in the hospitality sector & emerging markets, and in conjunction with the support from a global hotel brand, we are confident that Hotels Asia SBD will present a golden opportunity that is smart and resilient, ensuring excellent growth prospects for our investment.


Bangladesh’s cable market is growing at 15-20 % a year thanks to the expansion of power gridlines as the government looks to provide electricity for all as part of its vision for 2021.

Everest cable is an exciting endeavour that will empower Bangladesh’s vision for 2021, whilst promoting the use of XLPE insulation instead of PVC insulation, ensuring safety as well as reducing carbon emissions.


OTAME provides a platform that delivers an unrivalled digital experience for Arab travellers to easily navigate, find, build their own travel packages, book and pay at cheaper rates.

OTAME’s platform is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and we expect it to be next in line for another start-up success story in the Middle East with an aim to attract giants like Booking.com and Expedia.com.